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Friday, March 4

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Google ToolsLIMITED Gym Blogger's Lounge 1st SessionLIMITED J217 First Lunch Dining Hall 2010 QWEST Grant Panel DiscussionLIMITED I-206 Accessing Curriculum-based Activities with UTIPSLIMITED 1545, PC Lab Android Phone: An R-2 Unit in Your PocketLIMITED G101, PC Lab AVerPensLIMITED E109 Clickers in the ClassroomLIMITED 1539 Collaboration and Organization using Dropbox and other free toolsLIMITED 1536 Copyright and TechnologyLIMITED J219 Creating Electronic Books (ePub) Using PagesLIMITED 1541, Mac Lab Dropbox and RollLIMITED G102, PC Lab Dynamic Grammar & Language Learning BYU CLIPS English & Spanish Practice Software Pilot ProgramLIMITED 1023D, PC Lab Early Literacy Interventions using EarobicsLIMITED E112 Electronic Portfolios with Wiki pages and Google DocsLIMITED 1048, BYOL Enhancing Instruction through Technology IntegrationLIMITED 1538 Excel 2007: Fun Classroom ProjectsLIMITED 1023B, PC Lab Exciting Technologies from CIM Technology Solutions E108 Get Mobile with a MobiLIMITED E111 Hooking Learners with Digital ToolsLIMITED 1546 Partner's In EducationLIMITED J218 Safari Montage: Visual Digital Education on DemandLIMITED E113 Selecting the Best Digital Instructional MaterialsLIMITED 1045, BYOL SMARTBoard for Beginners A104, Choir Room Speaking Web 2.0: Using New Tools to Quickly and Easily Get Your Message Out to Students & ParentsLIMITED I-208 Take Off into Math with NASA Smart Skies!LIMITED Media Center, PC Lab UEN IVC Interactive Video Field TripLIMITED J211, UEN IVC Using BloggerLIMITED G103, BYOL Using SMART Response for Formative AssessmentLIMITED A102, Band Room Using your UEN or Webpage as a teaching toolLIMITED J221 Utah Write - Using Artificial Intelligence To Support Writing InstructionLIMITED 2006, PC Lab World Class Technical Support in SchoolsLIMITED J223 World Language Online Resources and ToolsLIMITED G104, PC Lab Your Technology Passport to Experiencing Social Studies in Your ClassroomLIMITED F118, Mac Lab Explore Your Community and Your World with GeotechnologiesLIMITED 1051, Tech Atrium VLCM By Invitation OnlyLIMITED F115

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Office 2010 - What's NewLIMITED Gym Art and Technology Integration Student Commons Kearns High Goes Mobile Student Commons Writing for the 21st Century Student Commons Blogger's Lounge 2nd Session J217 Second Lunch Dining Hall 101 Ways I Use UTIPS In My ClassroomLIMITED 1023D, PC Lab 2010 UCET Grant WinnersLIMITED 1536 ActivExpressions: The Tool for Total Student EngagementLIMITED E113 Aerial Imagery and Jobs in GIS E104 BoardmakerLIMITED 1023B, PC Lab Cascading Style Sheets with Dreamweaver Part ALIMITED Media Center, PC Lab Classroom and Library Motivational PostersLIMITED G104, PC Lab Creativity with the iPod TouchLIMITED 1546 Digital Citizenship in EducationLIMITED I-207 Do 'You' TubeLIMITED G101, PC Lab ePrep- Video Based Test Prep and BYKI Language OnlineLIMITED F102 Finding First Success-Energizing Non-Techie TeachersLIMITED J218 FIRST Lego LeagueLIMITED I-209 Garageband and Student SongwritingLIMITED 1541, Mac Lab Green MapLIMITED 1041 Interactive Whiteboards and the K-8 ClassroomLIMITED 1538 Let's Go Fly a Kite!!! Building Tetrahedron Kites - Grades 2 through AdultLIMITED J220 Macintosh BasicsLIMITED F118, Mac Lab Math & Reading – How to make it fun using Destination SuccessLIMITED E112 Mobile and scalable interactive whiteboard solutionsLIMITED E110 One-to-One Computing Initiative DirectionLIMITED E109 Paperless, Totally Online, Web-based KeyboardingLIMITED G102, PC Lab QWEST Grant Winners - Closed SessionLIMITED I-206 R.I.P. PowerPointLIMITED 1045, BYOL SMART Board for Intermediate Users A104, Choir Room SMART Board Math ToolsLIMITED A102, Band Room Teaching with TwitterLIMITED I-210 Tech Talk For Mac & PCLIMITED J223 The High Density Learning EnvironmentLIMITED 1544 The Power of Storytelling in Teaching and LearningLIMITED 1545, PC Lab UTIPS For ALL TeachersLIMITED 2006, PC Lab Why Stress?LIMITED 1539 Wonderful, Wacky, Web 2.0LIMITED 1048, BYOL App-Local Utah Lad Creates an App: Bubble Student Commons Podcast Power! Student-created podcasts from the Canyons School District Student Commons Teaching Kids Where They Live: Social Learning NetworksLIMITED 1051, Tech Atrium By Invitation Only: Cyber: Enabled Learning, Discovery Research K-12 grant J213

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Copyright and TechnologyLIMITED Gym Blogger's Lounge 3rd Session J217 Accessible Web ContentLIMITED J221 Application of Tech to Marzano's Classroom Instruction StrategiesLIMITED 1539 AVerPensLIMITED E109 Cascading Style Sheets with Dreamweaver Part BLIMITED Media Center, PC Lab Collect data with GPS!LIMITED 1023D, PC Lab Customize Your Own Educational Computer GamesLIMITED G104, PC Lab Exciting Technologies from CIM Technology Solutions E108 Free Online Decoding Strategies Training to Improve Literacy for Struggling ReadersLIMITED 1041 Google Lit TripsLIMITED 1045, BYOL Ignite their interest to help them REACH their potential!LIMITED E112 iTunes U - What is is all about.LIMITED 1541, Mac Lab LanSchoolLIMITED G102, PC Lab Large Venue Sound: Does your sound measure up?LIMITED E113 Launching a Successful Summer School/Credit Recovery Program G103, BYOL Literacy on the iThingsLIMITED J218 Macintosh ImagingLIMITED J223 Managing iOS Devices E104 NEO 2 Across the CurriculumLIMITED 1544 Personal Computers: Keeping Them Running SmoothlyLIMITED 1536 Podcast Power! Student-Created PodcastsLIMITED J219 Presentations on an iPod/iPadLIMITED F118, Mac Lab Science: Web, Video and Tech ResourcesLIMITED 1023B, PC Lab SMART Board for Advanced Users A104, Choir Room Social Studies Textbook Alternatives I-209 Stop Motion Animation Part 1 (Note: this is the first hour of a 2 hr session)LIMITED 2006, PC Lab Teaching in the Clouds: Online Multimedia PresentationsLIMITED G101, PC Lab Tomorrow's Math ClassroomLIMITED 1538 Use Excel, Math Type & MS Word 2007 to Create Your Own WorksheetsLIMITED 1545, PC Lab Using SMART Response for Response to Intervention (RTI)LIMITED A102, Band Room Using Technology to Motivate Students in Reading and WritingLIMITED I-207 What's New in Adobe Photoshop CS5!LIMITED F102 Wixie: Creativity and Communication - 21st Century StyleLIMITED 1546 Real Life Teaching Strategies to Engage StudentsLIMITED 1051, Tech Atrium VLCM By Invitation OnlyLIMITED F115

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Flashcard MachineLIMITED Gym Blogger's Lounge 4th Session J217 A Library in your Hand - Literature and Langage Arts on Mobile DevicesLIMITED G101, PC Lab And, Why Is This Not Cheating?LIMITED I-210 Avoid PowerPointLessNessLIMITED I-208 Beginning iPad SoftwareLIMITED G103, BYOL Classroom Publishing Using Comic LifeLIMITED F118, Mac Lab CMaP-Community Mapping Program E104 Creating Audio Books using GarageBandLIMITED 1541, Mac Lab Google DocsLIMITED G102, PC Lab I Hate Typing Class!LIMITED 1545, PC Lab IRIS Connect: An Innovation In Classroom Based Professional DevelopmentLIMITED F102 Map and Analyze Field Data with GISLIMITED 1023D, PC Lab Mashups in the ClassroomLIMITED G104, PC Lab Math & Reading – How to make it fun using Destination SuccessLIMITED E112 Maximize Learning in your 21st Century ClassroomLIMITED E109 mLearning Tools for Teachers and StudentsLIMITED J218 More from my.uenLIMITED 1023B, PC Lab Multimedia Projects for the ClassroomLIMITED 1536 Networking for All - Administration, Labeling and DocumentationLIMITED J223 Presentations with Pizzazz!LIMITED J219 Promethean ActivInspire: The Ultimate InterActive SolutionLIMITED E113 Self-Directed Staff Development: Connecting to the Edu-VerseLIMITED 1546 SMART Board Strategies for English Language LearnersLIMITED A102, Band Room SMART Board Strategies for Special Ed Teachers A104, Choir Room Stop Motion Animation Part 2 (Note: this is the second hour of a 2 hr session)LIMITED 2006, PC Lab Technology and At-Risk StudentsLIMITED I-206 The New PLATO Learning EnvironmentLIMITED 1544 Tomorrow's Science Class TodayLIMITED 1538 Understanding Your Retirement PlansLIMITED Media Center, PC Lab Using i-Tech in an inclusion settingLIMITED L202 Using Social Media in the ClassroomLIMITED 1045, BYOL Winning Ways: Writing Ed Tech Grant ProposalsLIMITED J221 Interactive Video Field TripsLIMITED 1051, Tech Atrium

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Saturday, March 5

7:00am MST

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My Top 5 Android Phone UtilitiesLIMITED Gym Blogger's Lounge 5th Session J217 5 Tech Tools Every Teacher Should Be UsingLIMITED J218 Balancing Learning and Security in a Web 2.0 WorldLIMITED 1041 Basics SMART Response A104, Choir Room Building an interactive collaborative learning environment at a fraction of the cost!LIMITED 1544 CONNECT your Students to NASA: 3...2...1...Crash!LIMITED 1536 Developing Interactive Multimedia to Enhance Elementary Students' Critical Thinking in ScienceLIMITED 1045, BYOL Early Literacy Interventions using EarobicsLIMITED E112 Firefox:The Portable Application EssentialLIMITED G102, PC Lab Integrating A Bit More 'Pizazz' Into Your CurriculumLIMITED 1545, PC Lab Introduction to Programming with MIT ScratchLIMITED 1048, BYOL ITIPS, UTIPS, We All Scream for Test TipsLIMITED G104, PC Lab Math XL Can Enhance Your Math Classroom!LIMITED 1538 Prezi; Making eye-popping presentationsLIMITED Media Center, PC Lab Promethean Planet: Getting the Most from your InterActive TechnologyLIMITED E113 Reading Technology Into Your CurriculumLIMITED I-206 Smartboard SmartsLIMITED 1023B, PC Lab Using Satellite Imagery to Enhance Spatial Thinking E104 Writing Your Own TextbookLIMITED I-210 Don't Tweet your Lunch: Making Social Media MeaningfulLIMITED 1051, Tech Atrium Analyze Your Community and World with Geographic Information SystemsLIMITED 1023D, PC Lab Differentiated Instruction Strategies for your SMART BoardLIMITED A102, Band Room Elementary iSchool - Using the iPod Touch in the ClassroomLIMITED G103, BYOL ePub: How to Create Interactive eBooks for the iPadLIMITED J220 Free Open Source Software to Use in the ClassroomLIMITED 1541, Mac Lab Get Inspired with ActivInspireLIMITED 1539 GoogleTools: Everything in One PlaceLIMITED G101, PC Lab iMovie '11 - Three Fun ProjectsLIMITED F118, Mac Lab It's The MacExtravaganzaLIMITED J219 Tools for Creating Engaging Presentations with Photo & VideoLIMITED J221 Word & Excel 2010LIMITED 2006, PC Lab

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